Why You Shouldn’t Learn To Code

Lots of folks are learning to code it seems. Or to “program computers” as we used to say. Online learning platforms such as lynda.com and edX are chock full of courses to make you the next “Front End Developer” or “SQL Database Admin.”

Many politicians now insist all school kids ought to spend precious time on the basics of coding. If ever there was a counterfactual, the fact that politicians have woken up to the value of coding is it. When politicians become aware of a trend you can be sure it’s coming to an end.

Code has progressed rapidly from punched cards and binary inputs to assemblers and object oriented programming languages such as Python, Swift (for iOS) and DIFM (Do It For Me) website builders.

By the time you’ve acquired a good level of programming skill, say in 4-5 years time, there’ll be a conversational A.I. to compile any software you may ever want.

Go do something else with your time.



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